NetBeans IDE will support full development of JavaFx projects. Bellow features list is support by it for developing Rich internet applications.

Get NetBeans IDE 6.7 Here! and Explore JavaFX.

JavaFX Projects

The NetBeans IDE is the recommended tool to create, test, debug, and deploy JavaFX applications for the desktop, browser and mobile platforms. You have the option of deploying JavaFX projects as Java web start (JNLP), Java Applet, stand-alone applications, or in a mobile emulator. To get started quickly, select File > New Project from the main menu and have a look at our ready-to-run sample projects.  
JavaFX Script Editor

The JavaFX Script Editor supports syntax highlighting, source navigation, code completion, code folding, javadoc pop-ups, and error detection. You can use the Preview button to display the output of your visual code live. 

The IDE contains code snippets that can be dragged and dropped into the editor: The Palette allows you to quickly add JavaFX objects with transformations, effects and animation to your project.  
Full Mobile Support

The JavaFX SDK 1.2 supports JavaFX Mobile and comes with a JavaFX Mobile Emulator. JavaFX Mobile applications run directly on the Java Micro Edition platform: Benefit from Java ME's ubiquity, security, and advanced APIs, including support for GPS, cameras, filesystem, networking, and Bluetooth. 

If you already know Java ME, you can re-use existing code and skills. If you already know JavaFX, you can create mobile applications with the same familiar language, APIs, and tools. Everytime you write a JavaFX desktop application with the common profile, you are also writing for mobile devices.  
JavaFX Profiling

Use the integrated Profiler for standard CPU or memory profiling, or simple monitoring to optimize your JavaFX application's speed and memory usage. The options have been preset to default values by experts, but you can customize settings for a specific application.

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