Groovy and Grails Recipes is the busy developers’ guide for developing applications in Groovy and Grails. Rather than boring you with theoretical knowledge of “yet another language/framework,” this book delves straight into solving real–life problems in Groovy and Grails using easy–to–understand, well–explained code snippets. Through learning by example, you will be able to pick up on Groovy and Grails quickly and use the book as an essential reference when developing applications.
What you’ll learn

* Discover elegant and efficient solutions to common programming problems and web development tasks.
* Get and reuse practical examples for both Groovy language and Grails framework, using the latest stable versions of each.
* Perform a wide range of development tasks that cover all of the web development tiers, from View Layer to Service Layer to Domain Layer.
* Access the wide range of available Grails framework plug–ins.
* Obtain the recipes to integrate Spring, Hibernate, SiteMesh, and more with the Grails web framework.

Posted by JavaBooks on Wednesday, July 22, 2009
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