This book describes C# 3.0. It is divided into two parts. Part I provides a comprehensive discussion of the C# language, including the new features added by version 3.0. This is the largest part in the book, and it describes the keywords, syntax, and features that define the language. I/O, file handling, reflection, and the preprocessor are also discussed in Part I.Part II explores the C# class library, which is the .NET Framework class library.

This library is huge! Because of space limitations, it is not possible to cover the entire .NET Framework class library in one book. Instead, Part II focuses on the core library, which is contained in the System namespace. Also covered are collections, multi-threading, networking, and Windows Forms. These are the parts of the library that nearly every C#programmer will use.

This book does not require any previous programming experience. If you already know C++ or Java, you will be able to advance quite rapidly because C# has much in common with those languages. If you don’t have any previous programming experience, you will still be able to learn C# from this book, but you will need to work carefully through the examples in each chapter.

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