Buying a PC from a retail computer store or a big mail-order company is easy: Outcomes the credit card, the boxes arrive at your house, and installation is as simple as plugging in the keyboard, mouse, speakers, and monitor. Even the most experienced PC hardware junkie will have to admit that a novice can save time and potential headaches by buying a retail PC.


+++ Part I: Preparations and Planning
Chapter 1: A Screwdriver Is All You Need
Chapter 2: What Type of PC Should I Build?

+++ Part II: Assembling the Basics
Chapter 3: Building the Foundation: The Case and Motherboard
Chapter 4: A Bag of Chips: Adding RAM and a CPU
Chapter 5: Installing Your Ports, Mouse, and Keyboard
Chapter 6: Adding Video Hardware
Chapter 7: Installing Your Hard Drive and Other Storage Devices
Chapter 8: Choosing and Installing an Operating System

+++ Part III: Adding the Fun Stuff
Chapter 9: Installing an Optical Drive
Chapter 10: Let Your PC Rock!
Chapter 11: Modems and the Call of Broadband

+++ Part IV: Advanced PC Options
Chapter 12: So You Want to Add a LAN?
Chapter 13: Input and Output: Scanners, Cameras, and Printers
Chapter 14: Building a Gaming PC

+++ Part V: The Part of Tens
Chapter 15: Ten Tools and Tasks for a Power User’s PC
Chapter 16: Ten Important Assembly Tips
Chapter 17: Ten Ways to Maintain Your PC
Chapter 18: Ten PC Pitfalls to Avoid Like the Plague

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