With so many books out on particular development tools and languages, it's refreshing to see one that tackles the overarching topic of Web design and implementation techniques. Web Design: The Complete Reference is a rare combination of design theory and detailed information on implementation. Author Thomas A Powell, who also wrote HTML: The Complete Reference, has produced an impressive sequel in this hefty title.

Powell addresses topics like navigation theory and user profiling, backing up high-level discussion with excellent, practical technique. He goes beyond your garden-variety explanation of what particular features are and how to code them by specifying the problems you might face and offering solutions. You get insight you can use: how to handle those pesky frames by understanding UI consequences, keep frames from opening within themselves, and offer your users the ability to print framed pages reliably.

All the bases are covered, including adding GUI interactivity, solid page layout and formatting techniques, and a look at the various Web technologies and their effect on site design. The entire work exudes the confidence of a well-seasoned writer, and the discussions leave you feeling well informed. This book bridges the gap between knowing how to build Web sites and having a holistic knowledge of all of the intricacies and pitfalls of coding for the Web. --Stephen W. Plain

Topics covered:

  • Web-design methodologies
  • Usability
  • Types of Web sites
  • Navigation theory and practice
  • Linking text/buttons/icons/graphics
  • Search facilities
  • Text handling
  • Colors and images
  • Building interactivity
  • Web technologies (XML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Cookies
  • Server-side scripting
  • Multimedia
  • Site delivery and management
  • The future of Web design

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